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I’m back to writing the blog – but I’m not sure why.  It is possible that the only reason is that I’m at work and I’m bored.  I could be writing other things – like working on the story that shoved its way into my brain the night before last night, but instead I’m composing on my work computer between calls.

I’ve never been much a journal writer so the blog thing isn’t really my style but everyone keeps telling me I need to have one so …yeah.  I’ve actually had this site for quite some time but I’ve not done much with it.  I had grand ideas for it, but alas I’m stubborn as a mule and just plain hate fiddling around with the wordpress stuff.

I have decided (yet again) to get my act together and get stuff done.  I suppose it is all to do with attitude and making myself do things even when I don’t want to.  The idea of blogging isn’t my first love, but I’ve experimented with this lately on another site called Bubblews.

I’ve been gearing up for the whole blog thing and making a few bucks on the side by writing for this site.  I’m going to put a referral linke riiiiight HERE – when I get home and have access to my personal computer.

I’ll go into more about Bubblews in future posts – but if you’d like to sign up then consider my referral link – I get a whole $0.20 for your sign up.  That should help me out just fine.  As a matter of fact I’ll link several of my Bubblews posts below so you can see what it’s all about.  It’s a pretty great place to get started because …THEY PAY YOU!  Yes, you get paid to write about your cat socks, your boyfriends stupid friends, and the bad day at work.  It’s pretty awesome to be able to write about anything and get paid to do it and it’s a great way to get used to blogging when you don’t like to (meh).

But I digress…blogwriting and schedules, oh the horror.

I actually have a lot to say and tend to write quite a bit, but I don’t do it on my site and thus I don’t see the advantage, but I’ve finally decided to heed the words of fellow indie authors and get crakin’ on the blog posting. (Just an FYI – I’ve changed the name of this post 3 times now while writing it!)

I did comment that I could be writing my new story but instead I’m doing this blog; in truth I’m still writing the story in my head and letting my brain work out a few things.  For this story I’ve not done any kind of outline so it’s happening organically as I write.  I haven’t written on any of my fictional stories in a few weeks and instead have concentrated on tons of other things and of course I’ve done a few posts at Bubblews.  (Getting tired of me mentioning it yet?)

I only mention it because I created a post 2 nights ago about how I do often compose on the computer but that I love to write things out Longhand in spiral notebooks.  When gathering a few of those notebooks together to create a photo for that post I realized that I missed writing with pen an paper and that’s when the new story took hold of my brain and I had to grab one of those spirals and get to work…it was like a trigger.

I wrote in the spiral until I fell asleep (only 4 hours of sleep will do that to you) and then yesterday between calls I continued to write, but also read a book (yes 1 whole book which I do several times a week) so I didn’t get as much writing as I wanted.  I have about 16 written pages which is about 7 typed and that’s not bad for about 2 hours worth of work.  Had I been composing on the computer I would have far exceeded this number, but it is what it is.

I will try to continue with my blog, I’m not sure why anyone is going to read this – but apparently people get bored and read random blogs and I might get lucky and someone might read mine.

Until laters…


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