About Me…



Who am I?

Well, first let me ‘splain some things to ju…

I’m a writer and a dreamer.  I have dreams so big they often scare me and I’m not sure I can actually attain them, but I’m going to try.

  1. My hobbies include writing (humor, erotica, sci-fi, drama, romantica, etc) and killing off the people I hate via awesome scenes in books that have yet to be published and may never see light of day…until I finally quit my “chob.”
  2. I do have filters, but mostly they are clogged or out of date, so expecting me to be socially graceful is not an option when my opinions are soooo much more colorful and entertaining.
  3. Former military, aircraft mechanic, single mother, drone for the government, superstar in hiding.
  4. Introverted extrovert, or extroverted introvert…I haven’t decided what it is today.
  5. Passive aggressive – hence the excellent writing, and epic story-making skills.
  6. Intrerested in passive income, affiliate sales, and writing.
  7. I’m not a fake.  (Though I do live vicariously through my fictional characters.)

I’m exploring the possibility that I could make money by selling the written descriptions of the debauchery that goes on inside my head; my stories and novels.  We’ll see.  Anyway, I’m also interested in online business so this blog will have information on some of what I learn and the system of getting my books published.

If you’d like to opt in to keep up with the progress of this blog; then feel free to enter in your name and address.  I can’t promise you much but I can promise it will be true to form and hopefully bring a smile or two.




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