Focus Young Grasshopper!

Sometimes I think I have adult ADHD when it comes to focusing on what I want to do.  I spend time working on several projects at once and have come to realize I’m not accomplishing much.  I keep saying that I will take time to complete this or that, but in reality I’ve got too many pots on the stove and none of them are cooking.


This is a lesson that most IM (Internet Marketers) and Coaches tell you to learn first…well, I’m hard-headed and willful and like to experience things on my own so of course I set out to do more things than I could possibly complete and I am paying the price for it.


I thought by now I’d have something to show for all my hard work but I’ve fallen victim to my own ambition.  I have made some money online from one of my business projects, but not much and there are currently 4 projects that I have started and have yet to even crack open because I’m involved in 2 other projects and it’s starting to wear on me.


Today I decided that even though I want to do so much with all my other pages and websites and I have dreams for days on what I want to achieve, the truth is, I need to slow down and consider what needs to take priority.  So this week I’ve decided to do only a few things and to find some time to spend on myself, because I’ve begun to realize that I spend 8 hours at work and then come home and spend another 6-8 hours online between my house chores and trying to keep a real life.


This is a short week for me so I’m going to concentrate on what has been working and what hasn’t and go from there, hopefully by this time next week I will have a game plan.  I know there are those out there that say “why didn’t you do that in the first place?”  For those that know me – they might think forming a plan is what I always do, but sometimes I do like to immerse myself into a project to get a feel for it if I have no clue how it works and don’t have someone to show me.  It’s a smart thing for me to do, as long as I know that I can pull back and it won’t disrupt my lifestyle, which in this case it won’t so I’m good.
Well enough blubbering about the dang thing…time to get to planning.

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