Here I am…where’s the party?

Here I am…where’s the party?  What’s all the fuss about having a blog?  I must say I have a sense of accomplishment that I was able to install WP and get the thing going … but then again there isn’t much on this earth that I can’t muddle through.  I’ve been working on trying to get myself a new life by figuring out this online stuff and let me tell you – it’s not as easy as they make it seem on all those websites.

I am no stranger to talking to my computer – I do it all the time – but now it seems I’ve lost my cool factor and have been holding entire conversations with it and really expecting a response.  The only response I’ve really got is anther headache.  I know there are products out there that can tell me, train me, teach me, but it’s time consuming.

I suppose one of these days I’ll catch a break and some IM god will ascend to give me wisdom…until then I’m gonna keep plugging away.  Thanks for stopping by my blog and hopefully you will get to read some good stuff.


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