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I am available for hire as a freelance writer.  Please send proposals and inquiries to bwellman.1000@gmail.com

My rates depend on the work requested, but below you will find a staring point

Freelance writing Rates per word or page:

  • Auto-responder emails $10-$50/hr
  • Personalized Blog Posts  $10-$50/hr
  • Product Review $10-$60/hr
  • Product Creation $30-$90/hr
  • Personalized E-books $30-$65 per page (written to create Authority in your profession)

Freelance writing per Project:

  • Articles (news or research based) $10-$50
  • Articles (keyword, niche) $10-$50
  • Book Reviews $5 to $100 based on length and specific writing requirements
  • Book Summary $250-$400 per book
  • E-books Non-Fiction $35-$80 per page  (requires deposit)
  • E-books Romance $40-$90 per page  (requires deposit)
  • E-books Erotica $40-$90 per page  (requires deposit)
  • Newsletters $200-$1000 (No Graphics)
  • Web content $10-$50

Kindle E-book formatting:

E-books will be returned in doc or word to allow you to make additional changes in the future without the need to seek additional formatting.  Each E-book may have up to 5 links and up to 5 photos embedded in the book.  All E-books come standard with Table of Content and Copyright or Preview page.

  • E-books up to 80 pages $150
  • E-books 81-200 pages $300
  • E-books 201-350 pages $400
  • E-books 351-600 pages $550
  • Additional links $5/per
  • Additional photos $10/per
  • Rates do not include proofreading or editing services that can be discussed individually.

  • Upcharge for rush: +10%-25%
  • E-books require down payment prior to project

Writing Examples:

Book Review

Informative Blog Post with links and research

Personalized Blog Post with conversational tone

Note:  The following posts are found on Bubblews.com which awards a penny for each view.

Health Post

Writing Tips

Persuasive Blog post 

Informative Travel Post

Personalized travel post with tips

Personalized informative post – part 1 of 3

Short Fictional Post – part 1 of 6

Personalized Food Review

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