How to use PLR articles on your website

What is PLR?

How to use PLR articles on your websitePLR stands for Private Label Rights and it’s a classification that applies to various mediums such as articles, e-books, pamphlets, videos, music, and much more.

What’s so special about PLR?  PLR is unique in that the writer/creator allows the work to be sold over and over to people who will make changes and re-work the original piece.

How to use PLR articles on your website

Let me provide an example: Lets say you decide to purchase a package of 5 PLR articles about removing hair naturally.  The cost is $5 and includes 5 well written articles which contain word counts of between 400-500 words in length.

You would use these 5 articles as a map or base from which to create and expand on the same theme which will result in a much longer report.  This is the perfect thing to use as a giveaway in exchange for an email address to grow your list.  This can be a great deal for the reader as they get a free download with great information from something you’ve created using a basic format from the original articles.  Imagine having a small report or very short e-book with a length of between 2500-3000 words and it takes you no more than a few minutes to create it.

This same set of 5 articles can be broken up and modified to create 5 different entries on a monthly or weekly online newsletter.  This is something you could offer for free each month, or even set up a site to have people subscribe and pay monthly to receive a newsletter like this.

Yet again these 5 articles can be rewritten and added as 5 original posts on a blog.  Each article is modified so that the content meets the needs of the website, but will be different enough from the original to become indexed as original content.

There are a number of ways to use PLR to create additional products, these suggestions are just one of a few ways to create and use PLR.  Here’s another article on how to make money with PLR:

What is PLR and How can I make money with it?

The above article is a little more in-depth on how to use PLR and what it can mean for your business as well as how to use it to save time and effort.  This type of writing is a great way to make additional income and doesn’t require any type of purchase to do so…you can literally make money without spending anything.

If writing PLR is of interest to you then check out these additional sources of information.

How to create PLR

How to make money with PLR

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I’m embarking on a mission to create my own business using PLR writing as one source of income, follow along with me via these articles and see how I manage it.  I’ll be sharing additional information as I learn it.  Check out my website at and please feel free to share or comment.

2 thoughts on “How to use PLR articles on your website

  1. I’ve read many of your articles around the net, especially on bubblews. Although, I’m no longer on bubblews, I still go there to read bubbles. I want you to know that your articles have been so helpful.

    Thank you for sharing your ideas.

    As you know bubblews no longer allows one to like articles when they aren’t a participants. So, this is why I decided to find your blog and write you.

    If you have any other articles or books on writing tips, please let me know. Until I hear from you, I’ll continue to search for your other articles.

    I really like what you wrote about PLR as it was always a mystery to me. I’ve read so many duplicate articles online and I think it is because people are changing only a few things with their PLR content articles ( such as the title and introductory paragraph) and then submitting the same PLR articles.

    But your explanation of how PLR is suppose to work reduced my confusion of it use.

    I look forward to more of your writing.

    • Thanks for the comment Sandy!

      I’m glad the information was worthwhile for you and I’m working on getting my PLR business working in a way that will eventually get me out of the rat race so I can work on my own schedule.

      I’ve had so many problems with bubblews lately that I’m thinking it’s best if I just write for myself on this blog but I still want other sources so I’ll write shorter options on there and create a more in-depth article on my writings on this site.

      I’ve had a few things going on but I’m going to work on writing something on line here on this site at least once a week. Hopefully it will be something that you find interesting.

      Thanks for commenting and reading.

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