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Before you Publish your eBook.

A few things to do before you publish your eBook

So of course I’m going to add more to my site with references to other great blogs and material.  One such blog post is called The Ultimate Guide to Publishing your ebook on Amazon’s Kindle Platform written by Paul Jun.

In his blog post Paul provides a 7-step process to getting yourself ready to publish.  He delves into the basics. starting with the need to find a target audience and this is true of all writers whether you write a blog, book, or even affiliate content.  The target audience is important, because you first need to recognize the desire your reader wants to fill…and fill it.  People often over-complicate this idea, it’s not the idea thats complicated; it’s the methods people use to get to their target audience.

John Locke discusses the same principle in his book “How I sold 1 million eBooks in 5 Months“.and further talks of the need to put yourself in the path of that same target audience and give them what they are looking for.  You do not sell ice to Eskimos in the middle of winter, instead you invite them in to a toasty living room, give them a nice hot toddy, and tell them of the benifits of having a portable heat source …or some such.  That last sentence was just to make a point- the point that you need to give the audience something they can use/want/are curious about or can relate to.

NO. NO. And NO again!

John Locke is frank about his failures and what he learned when he first began to write.  In fact, he will tell you himself (via his book) how terrible he was as a writer when he began, this this is true for most of us writers.  He isn’t shy about letting people know that no one would return his calls, his agent couldn’t book him fact time on any network, and he was turned away from bookstores.  His failure eventually led to his success; he knew what didn’t work and after much trial and error, he was able to succeed and one of his best weapons was and still is, social marketing.

Social Marketing your ebook

Social Marketing can mean a lot of different things, can encompass a great many applications, and have a far-reaching capacity; but it can also be the most time consuming and difficult part of marketing yourself.  If you haven’t figured it out by now; YOU will have to be your own Marketing Department when it comes to getting the word out…and yes…this is why I’ve come back to blogging again.

I’ve spent a few dollars here and there to learn the “guru secrets” of getting traffic and readers and selling product.  The simple truth is; now that googles’s newest algorithm “Penguin” came out, it’s that much more important to get in touch with your readers and offer them valuable content.  If you don’t know what the penguin update is then you’re in for a treat…(NOT!).  Rather than muck up this post with a lot of Google Penguin Update information, I’ll just link a quick post to give you an idea of what it can do for you and what it means when you set up your marketing.  Just click the link on What’s Google Doing to make the Internet better for everyone.

 The Learning Never Stops

I’ve spent a few dollars here and there to learn the “guru secrets” of getting traffic and readers and selling product.  The simple truth is; now that googles’s newest algorithm “Penguin” came out, it’s that much more important to get in touch with your readers and offer them valuable content.  Just linking to other blogs, or pictures on other sites isn’t going to cut it anymore.  You need to create your own pictures and provide original content – offering value to your readers/viewers so they will interact with your site and come back for more later.

Use free marketing

This may seem daunting – but the truth is that there are lots of free and cheap products that can help you do this, it’s finding them that takes time.  Creating videos for your books or just uploading a quick introduction to your book onto YouTube can get you placed higher in the google rankings and get some new readers to your site and/or help you sell books.  I’m going to be exploring some of these items and will continue to tell you about what I’ve learned and hopefully save you some money when it comes to marketing your ebook.  I know I fully intend to spend as little money as possible.

Brainshark Inc.

One item I’m looking at is brainshark – there is a free version and a paid version and it’s still something I’ve got to play around with.  No news on that yet from me, but here is a great blog with some additional information on brainshark.  This is posted by Geetesh on 01 June 2012.

The actual site for Brainshark Inc. with the free trial also provides demonstrations and more information.  I suggest you check it out.  With the new modifications you can now share your powerpoint presentations.


I’ve heard about these things – but I’ve yet to use them and it took some doing to figure out what they really are and where to get the software for this.  Basically you can place a click point onto anything – like a powerpoint presentation, a picture, a blog post, or even a YouTube video.  These little click points will allow your viewers to interact with the post.  You can add additional information, send them to a survey, send them to another site, link to a game – all sorts of things,

I searched long and hard before I actually found it on, just click and follow the link to their site.  Be sure to read the terms of service and check out all the cool things you can do with this thing.  I’m super excited to start playing around with this – once I do I will create a link to that experiement to this post so you can see what it does. The possibilities are endless with this…this is just one thought:

1. Create a video for my book and load it to YouTube

2. Have these hoverdots located at certain places that will send people to my blogsite, amazon purchase page, book listings, etc.

3 At the end of the video put in a hoverdot that allows people to sign up at one of my squeeze pages and allows me to send out notifications when I have new products

Oh..I’m giddy at the prospect, just not so happy about the work involved.  The learning curv is steep, but it will be soooo worth it.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post – I know it was long – but maybe you got some great information out of it.

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  1. Hello, I have an Amazon epub question and can’t seem to find the answer. I am hoping you will know it. Thank you for your time to read my question.
    I read elsewhere that Amazon restricts bloggers from turning their blog-posts into an ebook (to be purchased) because the posts are available free online. I only saw this one time but am wondering if this is true? (I have felt that not many people will bother to go through hundreds of blog-posts to see what is there–but they might check out the writing when in chapter format and they can look inside.) Thank you for any help you can give me.

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