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Ok, so it’s no secret that I’ve got my eyes set to the future and am working on several of my books at once, but I had an epiphany after reading a blog from Anne R. Allen about how the short story is an option that seems to be back in demand now that ebooks are gaining popularity.

I have a number of short stories posted around the web, and more than a few sitting on my computer gathering dust so I thought I might try to do something with them while I continue to write my other (longer) novels.  I’ve received great reviews where I’ve posted these short stories, so I’m hoping that I can sell them for the $0.99 price online at Amazon.

I know it’s not as easy as throwing up a quick ebook because I’ve already tried that, instead I’m going to experiment with these shorter stories and hopefully “gather unto me a following of which the world has never seen!”…(insert insane cackle here).  Yeah, I know it’s grandiose to think I’ll sell a million books like John Locke, but it’s a possibility and I’m willing to give it a try because I’ve got nothing to lose.

I am working on a plan and will start on some of it tonight and blog about it so that maybe someone can get something out of my experience.  One of the reasons I’m doing this is also to keep track of the resources I find that will help me along the way to publish and hopefully start making some money doing this.

Thus far my first attempt at Kindle Publishing…

I’ve already published  one book and it’s actually for sale right now on Amazon, but the cover is hideous and that is something I’ve got to improve on.  My first publishing experiement is called “How to Avoid Bed Bugs When Traveling.”  I’m not sure the title works; but this was just the first book and it helped get me over the hurdle of actually publishing something, rather than just sitting around dreaming about doing it.

I will continue to post on this subject and you’ll see various links to places, products, blogs, and other stuff that I find useful and informative.  I plan to use these posts to keep the information available to me as well; like an online personal reference site for all the things I need to research or things I want to remember.  With this in mind, I’ve listed a few items below that might be of some use to you [dear reader] as well.

Helpful Ebook reference material

I found an interesting post on Daily Kos – bink walks you through how to set up a KDP account with Amazon, now things have a tendency to change so the information can become dated quickly.  I don’t need this information but I thought I’d list it here just in case someone can use the help.  The KDP program is something worth investigating for your first few books if you are a new writer.  The chances you will have a large following the moment your book hits the internet is pretty slim to none, so using the KDP program to allow free downloads as a promotion for up to 5 days is a good idea.  I know there are people that complain about it, but really, how the hell else was I going to get 319 downloads of my book?  I think it was a smart decision, there are now people with my ebook and name loaded into their kindle so when I next attempt to publish, there may be people who recognize my name and those that borrowed may borrow again and thus lead to additional sales in the future.  (I know I over-simplified that process, but why make things more complicated?)


The Gift of Death written by Andrew Wilson (aka Sam Ripley)

The following link was a great find for me and I wanted to pass this on.  Andrew Wilson (aka Sam Ripley) the author of The Gift of Death wrote an  in-depth article about his own experience with KDP and his journey to ebook publishing.  It’s well worth the read and he provides some examples of his own experience with the UK market as well.

Another link I wanted to post is Blake Snyders tool page on his blog.  He offers some free downloads and other resources for writers including some worksheets and writing prompts.  He specializes in screenplays but the tools he offers can work for writers of books.

If you plan to self-edit (of course you do!) then this post by The Fiction Doctor Cindy Davis is something you need to read.  She explains many of the issues associated with writing fiction and the best ways to get the best story for your efforts.  You may also want to check out the blog ‘Writing for Beginners‘ and it has tons of great information on it.

Hopefully this blog post has been helpful to someone…and if not – at least I did my required writing for the evening and got this out of my system.  If you have comments I’d love to hear them.

2 thoughts on “Kindle ebook Publishing Resources

  1. Hi, Bwellman,

    I am glad you enjoyed the article Anne wrote, and thanks to linking to the article on my blog.

    It was a very inspiring piece, and I am hoping more and more writers considers publishing shorter works in the future.

    It’s funny, because back in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s day, writers could literally make more money on short stories than on novels. It’s been said that Mr. Fitzgerald himself made more money on his stories for the Saturday Evening Post than on even his greatest works, like Gatsby.

    Perhaps now, because of ebooks, writers will again be able to pick up where that trend left off.

    A. Yamina Collins

    • Thanks for the great post A. Yaminia.

      I was really inspired by the thought of sharing my short stories, but I didn’t think there was much of a market for them but it makes sense that there would be a resurgence in the need for shorter doses of escapism because of the way we live now.

      With technology becoming cheaper and the ability to share becoming easier each day, I think the short story is perfect for people that need something to do while they wait for the train, ride the bus, or take a lunch break that is often too short to do much more than read a magazine article…or a short story.

      I’m crossing my fingers that the trend is only going to grow. I will be stopping by to check out more of your posts as well. 🙂 -Bea

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