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The following blips are things that make it easier for me to remember what I’m doing when I try to upload to Kindle.  It’s tricky if you don’t do it all the time and I always forget something so I think I’d like to keep some of these quick links around.

Maybe you have some of the same questions – if so then hopefully these can help answer them for you.

Upload and Preview Book Content – Kindle Direct …
In Step 1 of the book editing process, scroll down to Book Content to upload your book file and prepare it for sale on the Kindle Store. You may choose, on a per 

Upload eBook to Kindle App on iPad It Can Be Done!Upload eBook to Kindle App on iPad It Can Be Done!
How to upload your ebooks from your desktop computer to the Kindle App on your iPad (or iPhone, iPod Touch) using the free software iPhone Explorer. Visit ou…

How do I make changes to a file that has been uploaded to Kindle?
I have published on, “Whispers From A Mother’s Soul” and it appears exactly as I want it to. It’s been up and running on Amazon for a little over a week or so. I have tried to upload to Kindle and according to the 

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