New and Improved…can I borrow your spit for that shine?

Like the title?  The dot, dot, dot, (as my daughter calls it) is my specialty.  What does that mean?  Basically, I tend to say and write the things that most people think but never say out loud.  Typically this gets me in trouble and sometimes a laugh or two but more important;  I’m able to get my point across and make people think.

New and Improved Spit shine

New and Improved...can I borrow your spit for that shine?



I like playing devils advocate, not so much as to antagonize (although there is the amusement factor in that), but to make people think about what was said or done in a way that opens their minds to a different perspective.



I write to appease the writing gods and my own inner masochist, but also in the hopes of enlightenment through humor.  It’s a difficult art to achieve and sometimes it’s a fail, but it is part of who I am and thus, it is something I cannot deny.


I am exploring a new outlook on life – on the internet and I’ve decided to document what I learn and what I like.  I’m not one to suffer fools lightly, so I’m pretty critical, and there are things I just don’t want to do.  With online business ventures I’m finding it difficult to wade through the crap, but just like truffles are a prized possessions – they too grow from a pile of …


So yeah, it’s time consuming to figure this stuff out, but eventually I will find that truffle in all this mess and hopefully I can give you information you can use to find your way to profit from your skills and avoid my mistakes.


2 thoughts on “New and Improved…can I borrow your spit for that shine?

  1. You can count on it Dev. I’m not above self-deprecation in order to garner some laughs, I shall be sure to document all my adventures and then some.

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