Niche Site Duel – Pat Flynn Rocks!

Ok, so I’m searching free money making info online (as per usual) and I came across this site.  Pat Flynn at the Smart Passive Income Blog has got some great info to share with a step by step guide to creating a niche!  He breaks down a “Niche Duel” that he and another online marketer did and he showed how you can create a profitable niche site.  The postings are tremedous!  If you get a chance check out his Smart Passive Income Blog.

I’m still researching the in’s an out’s of niche marketing and it’s taken awhile to figure out if I want to go that route.  The call to action has been slow on my part and that’s ok.  *PS – Flynn doesn’t know me and I’m not getting anything out of sending you to his site – but if I think something is good I want to let people know.

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