No Sale for this Sucker!

No Sale for this Sucker

No Sale for this Sucker tonight!

So I’m opening email – ahh, gotta love Friday nights!  I’m separating the real stuff (courses I’m taking, free info, etc) from the junk (did you make $100 today?  if not then press here and I’ll lie to you and scam you for some money so I can answer yes to that question.)  And I happen to “bing” up a question about the person saying they are making $8,000 residual a month or something like that – I check the results and I find a blog called ElectronPlumber and since I’m a sucker for a great title or catchy name I’m all over that site like cream in Twinkies.

I spent some time going through the info and from what he’s doing and talking about I kinda think we might be on some of the same email lists – surprise!  He’s doing a link building experiment and I’m reading it because I’ve been hearing about that lately and plus his blog is current.  He also talks about how he got “sandboxed” by Google and I’m sure that happened to lots of sites after the Panda update went into effect.  I know a new update just came out and the link building thing is what worries me.

I did find another cool site that specifically listed my personal scammer in Keeping the Bastards Honest by PhilMir but the last post was January of last year so it’s not the current but it did show me that the scammer has been around for a long time doing the same crap.  I listed these sites because they offer some good information and I don’t have to give them my freakin’ email to get it!

Internet Marketing and Making Money Online

The whole Internet Marketing (IM) and Make Money Online (MMO) arena is a scary one; and no matter what you are doing online – it falls into one of these categories even if you are just talking about how you hate IM or MMO.  You have to make sure you are wearing your flack vest with all the bombs dropping on you from every corner.  It takes  time and investigation to figure out the good people online and those that just want your money.  You also have to be smart – sometimes I’m not.  I narrowly missed becoming a member of a site I didn’t want to continue with and I’m thankful I didn’t have money in the account tapped.

I purchase my products with a separate card and keep the balance low on purpose.  About 2 weeks ago I purchased a product that was pretty cheap and was offered a free trial of a membership site with step-by-step videos and against my better judgement I signed up.  I should know better than to do a “free 2week trial” but I did it anyway because I wanted the download it offered and I thought I could easily cancel this before the end of 14 days.

I got my download and my login and after spending an hour listening to a few of the videos on the membership site I realized it was just the same old stuff I’ve been listening to on the free videos I’m getting so I tried to cancel the subscription the next night…and the next …and the next.  I sent a total of 5 tickets to support and never got a response…until 3 days ago.  I was sent an email that stated they were unable to charge my card the $47 monthly fee so I needed to contact my bank.  I was told that a second attempt would be made in 3 days – well guess what – that was today and yes they attempted and were once again thwarted by my super low balance! (Insert Ta-Da! theme music here)

It’s amazing how many emails I got from them these last few days when I couldn’t get a response from 5 tickets and several emails each to  support/admin/Scammer… in that order.  Well I can tell you I’ve never been so happy to hear my charge was denied.  Let this be a lesson – don’t join those trial memberships from someone you haven’t researched and if you do – make sure it is done with a separate card.  So at least there was No Sale for this Sucker this week.

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