Pick the best ebook cover for Good Kitty Series

The Good Kitty Series Kindle ebook

So it’s about that time, just finishing up the last touches to the formatting and I will have the Good Kitty Series Short Story book on sale at the kindle store for $0.99.  I am still slouching about getting the 2nd short story book The Sensei Kitty Series done but that is for next week.

What I need now is some input.  I need to know which of these covers is the best

Option 1


This is the first option…I like this one becasue it is very simple and clean but it does look like a self-published cover and apparently that isn’t so great.









Option 2

I know these are both pretty basic, but I wanted something simple as it is a short book  with short stories.  I will have to choose one of these to set up on Amazon Kindle so if you like one more than the other – please let me know.  I know covers are important and I will be working on better looking ones in the future, but for now this is only going to be a $0.99 book.



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