Pssst….here’s a secret!

The Hidden Writer

I’m a mess…just like everyone else and sometimes I hide it, sometimes it spills over into every moment of the day.  It’s life and because I’m a writer, it’s also fodder for the writing grist mill.  There are two schools of thought:

1) Write what you know

2) Write what interest you

….my thoughts…JUST WRITE!

Writing is messy and that’s the part I love.  I have scores of notebooks with stories and on each page there are mark through lines, scribbles, arrows, and other squiggles.  Truthfully, if I don’t see a few editing marks or inserts in a story I’ve written, I don’t feel as if I’ve really gotten the best of what I have to give.  This of course leads to the possibility of over-editing and that’s a snag too.  It takes a balance to write.  It doesn’t usually come out onto the page perfectly the first time, or the first 20 times, but that’s ok.

People often say they’d love to write a book…as long as they could skip the actual writing part, and that makes me sad to hear.  I think people get too focused on the possible rewards of the end product and forget to enjoy the art of creating.  The whole process of writing should fulfill something in each writer, and if it doesn’t then maybe you shouldn’t be a writer.

I’ve been writing on and off for years, now I intend to do more with it.  I’ve let little things like “other people’s ideas and reality” influence my dreams of becoming a writer.  The truth is – I AM A WRITER albeit not many people have had the chance to read what I have to offer…that’s something I’m working on now and I’m hoping there are others out there that might feel the same way and will start to realize, as I have, that it’s never too late to start working on a new “old” dream.



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