Share your favorite book passages with Findings

Sharing your favorite book passages and quotes

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I’ve stumbled upon a new site that I think I might be in love with. is an interesting site that allows you to share the highlights in your ebooks so that others can read a passage you enjoyed.

You have followers and follow people, you can “find” your own passages or “refind” someone else’s and it’s all about the glorious READ!  I think I may have found my new obsession, not only can you “find” from your ebooks, kindle, and other “finders,” you can also highlight from websites.

There is a link with twitter and tumbler and something called Instapaper that I’ve never heard of before.  This site is perfect for readers and you can find clips based on the writer or books.  It’s an interesting social bookmarking item that I’m glad I found.  If you decide to get on there then be sure to look for me under the name bwellman.

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