Squeeze Page Hell Part 2

You talking to me?

I took down the Squeeze Page that put me in hell…yes I did.  I tried using kompozer and had some trouble but finally I decided it looked like crap so down it went.  Also, I decided to pull the report and turn it into a book so it’s now on Amazon and thus far it was downloaded a ton of times because it was free…but lo and behold there have been a few downloads via the paying method.

I’ve been absent from my site simply because I’ve been living on the webinar merry-go-round and let myself get overwhelmed in all the training.  Truth is, I’ve gotten overloaded and have had to make a decision to bring it all down.  I know it’s a cycle…I get few bucks then decide to buy that little gem I found on the Warrior Forum and then it leads to weekly training then I buy the additional training and then have to do it all over again.

I have multiple webinars from 6pm to 10pm every night and it’s killing me.  I’m sooooo over that crap.  I’ve decided on a path and think I have finally found the things I really want to do – 1. Kindle publishing  2. Mobile Website Building.  Both of these options are things that will bring in residual income.

Sure I have a few ideas about affiliate sales and web blogs for long – term financial security, but I am not really getting into that until I start making money with the mobile website (bought 2 programs and bought into an app builder) and maybe getting into curation.

These are the things I’m going to do, I’ve purchased a few other things, but since they have a members site and record the webinar I think it’s smarter for me to just watch and do that when I have more time.

I really have to get out of my job, I have to reschedule my dental appointment because it’s on a Monday and where I work you can’t take off Monday’s or Friday’s without getting dinged and that is just one thing on a list of what drives me crazy.  I am so over doing the rat race and really want to break out.

I guess I should start working harder on what I need to do instead of just watching all these damn webinars.  I have big dreams people!  I want to succeed, simply because I’m too lazy to want to work for the next 20-30 years.  I am willing to do the work to get to that point.  I’m the hardest working lazy person I know.  I don’t have a life anymore and my aspirations are just out of reach, but I know it can be done.  I think I’ve done due diligence and I deserve to make it.

I have  a few problems to fix here in a bit…too much money going out – not enough coming in and I have a few more products I want to buy but I have to “pre-sell” my mobile sites here so I can purchase the product I need to do it.  I also have to let go of the dream of being a mobile app creator – it simply isn’t a business that I want to do.  The problem with the apps is that there is no residual income and that’s what I’m aiming for.  If I don’t continue to sell then I wont’ make any money on the back end.

Another thing that I’m getting into is Squidoo…I have to do some of these and sign up for all the affiliate links so that my articles are going to make some money for me after I write them.  I also have some ideas for my next set of  blogs so that they will bring in something work talking about, but that again is on the back burner. I just have to get my head above water.

I don’t know – I seriously need to focus so that’s my main objective and hopefully I can pull in some cash this month – If I do I’ll let you know in the blog so you might be able to do the same.

Well that’s all for now… I guess it’s back to squeeze page hell here pretty soon.


3 thoughts on “Squeeze Page Hell Part 2

    • Thanks…it’s time to get back to the basics and writing is what I like to do anyway. I’ve got to find something that works eventually…lol.

    • Create a good squeeze page which will pmprot your leads to enter an email. A good squeeze page will offer a free give away after the lead has entered their email. Ensure that you convey to those who become part of your mailing list, that you’ll be sending them marketing from time to time and that they can opt out of your list whenever they feel like it. Once you have a mailing list, then you can start marketing your affiliate product to your list.

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