Steve Jobs…the FEAR he left behind.

Steve Jobs The net is on fire with the news of the death of Steve Jobs and rightly so; his vision of Apple Computers Inc. reshaped the world we now live in.  [They] talk about all the wonderful things he did and how he will be missed and although I agree, I find it’s not what he did – but what he didn’t do that inspires me.  For all the important things he achieved and the changes he brought about, the one thing he didn’t do that makes him unique is – he didn’t give into fear and let go the idea that led to Apple Computers Inc.

Steve Jobs didn’t invent the computer, but it was his vision along with Steve Wozniak that helped create the Personal Computer (PC).  He didn’t invent the internet; (although Al Gore may disagree) it was actually DARPA in the 50’s.  He didn’t design the software; that was an army of programmers living day and night to create something that didn’t exist.  He didn’t invent the mouse; that was Xerox and their folly that gave Apple Computers the edge.  Instead, Steve Jobs did the impossible – he set out to create something that didn’t exist and did it in a way that set the world on fire.  There is no doubt that Steve Jobs and Bill Gates shaped the world in ways that will forever change how we do business, communicate, and live; but the legacy of Steve Jobs (in my view) is his ability to defy the impossible-he was fearless.

How the Valley was wonIf you haven’t watched “The Pirates of Silicon Valley,” you need to it may not all be correct but it’s inspiring.  It’s one of my all-time favorite movies because it shows just how often Steve Jobs should have failed to accomplish what he set out to do.  His absolute belief in himself and what he wanted is evident in the acting by Noah Wiley and the things [he] did defy the status quo.  One of the most famous college dropouts learned more from avoiding the required coursework than most people do from a degree plan and it later showed up in unusual places – like the different fonts available because Jobs once took a class in calligraphy.

Steve Jobs wasn’t just an actor upon a world stage, he was an architect, a designer, a visionary, and a thorn in the side of genteel corporate tradition that permeated the elite world of the “IBM Man.”  It is this spirit that enthralled young programmers to create intricate and impressive systems that went beyond anything previously known.  He didn’t let “not knowing” slow him down, he didn’t let others dictate what he did.

I don’t know Steve Jobs, he was a brand and Icon unto himself, and I wasn’t much interested in him except in passing until I saw the movie The Pirates of Silicon Valley.  It’s not that I didn’t know who he was – I grew up in the age of computers, but it wasn’t until I saw this movie that I found something inspiring about him.  I saw someone that defied the common teaching of “look before you leap.”  As a child I was taught to think before I spoke, research before I made an opinion and, think before I did.  Jobs did the opposite of that – he started working toward something he couldn’t possibly know he could achieve.  He did what most people would never dream of – he didn’t let fear of the unknown stop him and that’s when he became interesting to me.

I realize I let fear stop me from doing the things I want to achieve.  I realize that my foray into the world of online business and blogging is severely lacking and I don’t even know half of the things I need to know to get my ideas to work, but I’m fighting against my nature and “doing” instead of “thinking or planning” right now.  I have ideas until I can’t think straight, but I don’t have the knowledge to get those dreams realized and in the past that would have put me out on the sidelines but if I allow fear of failure to stop me now then I will have achieved nothing but failure.  The world has lost a great man and only the Universe will know what other wonders he could have inspired, but it is people like him that allow people like me to think that one day I could create something worthy of changing the world, just like he did…just like you can too.

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