Taking the first step. Don’t stand on the Sidelines.

Taking the first step.

Well, I finally did it – I joined a gym. Technically I can’t really afford to do it but I know I need to and I’ve finally realized that all the excuses in the world aren’t going to get me healthy.  I realized that I can’t afford NOT to join an gym and get going.  It’s a matter of recalculating the important things in life to make sure I can find a way to get this going.  By joining, I forced myself to make at least the first commitment and now I have to come up with a way to afford a trainer.


Now most people would just say, it’s not in the budget and therefore it’s not something they can do.  I’ve lived my life by doing things I didn’t think I could do and then found a way to do them.  Taking that first step is the hardest, but once you commit yourself to a course of action it make it that much more REAL.


The whole idea of making money online and working for myself is something that I’ve dreamed of and am still dreaming of.  The difference between the dream and reality is that I’m actually working toward that goal.  I’m not really successful and the amounts I’ve brought in are very small, but its more money than I would have made if I hadn’t tried at all.


Sometimes the first step is the hardest, but if you don’t take it then everyone will pass you by and you’ll be left standing in the sidelines.

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