Title – Schmitle….Where’s my Prize? The art of persuasion.

Instant Millionaire - yeah right!Amazing Push-Button Income!” “Auto Income!” “Instant Cash!” “Weird Glitch makes homeless, psychotic, 100 year old man into instant millionaire!” …Yeah RIGHT!

There are a few things I hate worse than hearing about how some freak of nature or pre-schooler installed some “super secret stolen software” or had an instant epiphany bestowed from “internet gods” and all of a sudden became rich overnight. The writing and scripting on these sales letters and videos is horrible and I do a lot of deleting and unsubscribing from my inbox.

I’m not a copywriter in the real sense of the word, instead I know a few things about persuasive writing simply because I’ve had to write things like training manuals, Customer Service Reports, and fund raising letters. I’ve done my fair share of speeches and persuasive arguments throughout my working career and I have a general sense of what my audience is looking for or needs to hear at that time.

I understand the concept of “selling” and “persuasion,” but flat out lying is deceptive and manipulative and while it might seem natural for people to say they would never be influenced; the truth is that it works because people don’t know to look for. It’s a psychological game – one that captures your attention and suspends your belief. Now you might think you aren’t susceptible to this kind of persuasion, but consider the title of this posting. Did the title catch your eye? Did it pique your interest? Obviously something did – because you’re reading this, and note that creating a title is only one of the things I’m doing in this article to keep your attention.

I’m good with titles, check out my other blog entries or if you’re interested in reading some of my fiction I’ll give you the title of some of my best; “I’m not the @$$hole tonight,” “They call me Peaches” or my favorite “Your Mama’s Tortillas Suck!

Titles can be applicable to the content of the writing, or it can be a ploy to get your attention. It’s hard to know the truth, but some things are just too good to be true and you need to watch out for things like “48 hour millionaire” or “Instant or Auto anything” don’t fall prey to false advertising. Marketers do their best to market to you and if your interested then that’s a great fit, but if the information offered is false – then don’t get sucked into believing something “just because.”


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