Using PLR to Grow Your List

The money is in the List

Using PLR to Grow Your LIst

Using PLR to Grow Your List

Every online marketer, writer, business, or entrepreneur will tell you “the money is in the list” and in many cases they are right.  For those that understand that statement it might seem like a no-brainer, but if you don’t understand this concept then that phrase is nothing more than a riddle.

The simple explanation is that as an online entrepreneur it is important to grow a list of people (emails) that might be interested in what you have to offer.  People often talk about how difficult it is to grow your list, and it can be, but one of the best ways is to offer something for free in exchange for their email.  This email can be collected via an auto-responder company like aweber or mailchimp and once the list is compiled it can help you grow your business.

Why You want a list

The list offers you a pool of people from which you can solicit, market to, engage with, or offer services and is the beginning step to making a living from your online work.  Using PLR (Private Label Rights) articles can be one of the fastest and easiest ways to grow your list and it can also  be relatively inexpensive if purchased in packs.

You can purchase a variety of PLR and it can be exclusive, limited, unlimited, or free.  The exclusive PLR may come from a person that only offers these products to their list or on a membership site.  Limited PLR can also come from these membership sites or can be sold on various online marketplaces and limited to a certain number of sales.  Both of these PLR options can run from less than $1 per item to more than $200 per item (like a video). Quality PLR at Affordable Prices

The more common option is that a website will offer a package to sell over and over because it is an “evergreen” niche; a niche that will never die like healthcare or dieting.  For example my site offers packages for about $1 per article and the quality is well researched and the topics are valid today as they will be a few years from now.  You can find my site here:

People often say “Why should I buy PLR from you when I can find tons of stuff online for free?”  The simple answer is quality.  I take time to write and research my topics and create original articles so that the product you get is something unique already.  The reason you cannot use the PLR “as is” is that every person that downloads this package will have the same articles.  It is the buyers responsibility to change the article into something new, or the content will be considered duplicate and can hurt your overall quality and credibility.

Free PLR is a great sources of inspiration, but realize that the “free PLR” may have been downloaded several thousand times and may not be fresh at all.  For sites like mine, I have limited downloads of my product and I’m relatively new so the content is a goldmine for anyone interested and offers much better quality than what is available for free.

Why use PLR?

Using PLR from sites like mine mean that you can purchase a package and use the articles to create a unique product without having to start from scratch.  As an example: If you were to purchase my Juicing PLR pack it would offer an article about Wheatgrass Kale and Green Juice.  With just that article you can expand on the information and write 3 reports about 750 in length and offer them to your customers for free in exchange for their email.

Green Living PLR Articles

Green Living PLR Articles

Another example is my Living Green Package. This package has 5 articles and 4 of those are more than 650 words so you’re getting your money’s worth.  Expand each of those articles to 1000 word reports and you have 4 newsletters to offer your monthly subscribers.  You could even write a small ebook and use the article information as an outline.

I sell packages of 5 – 10 articles for about $1 per article but the quality of the content offers the buyer a wealth of information.

Each PLR Seller has different licenses and you can see an example of what you can and cannot do with my products when you click here.  My license can be very different from others so be sure to read the license page or attachment when you purchase PLR.

Using PLR to grow you list is just one of the many things you can do to save time and offer quality content that doesn’t require tons of research.  Finding a quality content writer can be difficult and expensive, but with only a few dollars you can find quality PLR and modify it to meet your needs.

Get this Free PLR Report and start creating your list now!

Get this Free PLR Report and start creating your list now!

Why not check it out – here’s a FREE Report you can download and offer to your clients and customers and even use to grow your own list.

Thanks for reading and if you’re interested in reading more about PLR and what it can do for your business or how to learn to create your own PLR then check out these articles:

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These articles offer examples of how to use the PLR you purchase to save time and money.  As additional income, PLR can help create a small income or a large one depending on what you want to do, you can literally make money without spending anything.

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Thanks for taking the time to read this, I’m embarking on a mission to create my own business using PLR writing as one source of income, follow along with me via these articles and see how I manage it.  I’ll be sharing additional information as I learn it.  Check out my website at and please feel free to share or comment.


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