What is PLR and How can I make Money with it?

The basics of Selling PLR to make money

PLR InfoSpot Quality PLR      At Affordable Prices

PLR InfoSpot Quality PLR At Affordable Prices

PLR is also known as Private Label Rights.  This is a specific type of writing that offers an interesting way to make additional income as well as providing content to service business needs.

In essence PLR is a set of work that can be modified for use by multiple people in many different formats.  The PLR product itself can be presented in any number of mediums such as articles, e-books, reports, email auto-responders, tips, recipes, video, audio-books, music, art, e-courses, photos, infographics, and social media content.

PLR is not meant for immediate use without modification.  Often the buyer must modify the content because the same product is sold multiple times.  PLR can be “Limited” in that the content may only be offered for sale to a certain number of people, but the same package is downloadable numerous times and therefore not to be used as is.  If the content is not modified it will be considered duplicate content and offer little benefit for the buyer and will do little to offer “unique content.”

For an example of what you CAN and CANNOT do with content here is a link to view one of the more common licenses offered by PLR sellers:


Who Uses PLR

Green Living PLR Articles

Green Living PLR Articles

PLR is an easy way for bloggers, creators, website owners, and other businesses to use readily available content to enhance their projects.  +PLR offers the buyer of use the content in any way they choose according to the licenses provided.  It can be broken up, modified, added to other projects, created as a blog post, created as web content, and any number of other options.

These buyers may purchase this because it saves time.  With well written PLR the possibilities to create additional info-products or use as a template from which to “spin” the content into new and unique articles or product is paramount.

How to Make Money with PLR

If you write or create, if you have the skills in making info-graphics or vectors, the options are endless.  You can offer your service in a number of different ways and once you have created a package for sale, that same package can be sold over and over.  This is the true idea behind residual income; you can create the product once and sell it multiple times.

As an example; you can create 10 well-written, well researched, and factual articles about Body Piercing and offer them in a package with an infographic that shows the places people most often pierce.  Then you can add in two original content photos that allow people to modify with text and offer the entire package for $10 or $15 dollars.  Often the articles should exceed 300 words and the average word count is closer to 500 per article or more.

Juicing PlrInfospot Pack 1While this doesn’t seem like much money for your hard work, the beauty is that the same product can be sold multiple times.  If you were to price it at $10 and it sold 10 times in one month, you would then have made $100 for your efforts and you can continue to sell this and make more money.

PLR offers the customer a way to cut expenses in both time and money with the use of quality PLR at affordable prices while the creator can continue to make money on content they may have created months ago.  This business model is one that is mutually beneficial and can lead to additional product creation in the future.  If you’re looking for a way to supplement your income and you have an interest in writing, this is the perfect part-time opportunity.  It does take time to grow a list of clients, but once you’ve produced quality content at affordable prices, you can find yourself with a tidy side income.

I will go further in depth on this subject and explain what I’m doing in my own business.  If you’d like to follow along as I create my PLR business then check back to find out what I’m doing next and check out my PLR website here:  PLRInfoSpot.com.

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How to make money with PLR

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I’m embarking on a mission to create my own business using PLR writing as one source of income, follow along with me via these articles and see how I manage it.  I’ll be sharing additional information as I learn it.  Check out my website at PLRInfoSpot.com and please feel free to share or comment.

Do you buy PLR?  Do you specialize in a specific niche?  What types of PLR do you sell/buy?

Thanks for reading.

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