What the heck is a Niche and how do I get one?

Niche Marketing and all that Jazz…

When I first heard about “niche marketing” I didn’t understand it.  It’s jargon that can mean a bunch of stuff – none of which I knew when I started looking around for opportunities. 


Basically it’s a “specific” market – instead of marketing “blankets” you would market “native american blankets” but even this is still a broad term.  To be a niche is to be a specialty.  So instead it would be more specific to use “Native American Navajo Blankets.”  See how I’ve drilled down to something very sepecific?  You can do this with anything and as a matter of fact I’ve started playing around with this and turned it into a game of sorts.


When I get tired and cranky (don’t judge!) at work because I’m bored to tears, I try to occupy my time with this new game of mine; let me show you how.



Pick a card, any card…

Card→Card Shark→Become a Card Shark→Never work again, become a Card Shark and live the life of leisure.  Hmm…ok, so that was a BAD example.


How about Chair

Chair→Rocking Chair→Rocking Chair cushion→Rocking Chair cushion sets→Rocking Chair cushion sets for nursery …….TaDa!


Well, in truth I cheated a bit.  I typed the first 2 words into Google and then it showed me options.  By predicting my next word it gave me ideas, I also do the same thing trying to stump Google in as few words as possible.  I know that’s sad, but these are the games you learn to play when you are stuck in a cube farm all day.


So, as you can see from the example above that the more specific you are, or more descriptive you are in creating your “niche,” the smaller the field of players in the game of niche marketing. 

Of course – this doesn’t even begin to deal with keyword search – but that’s for another day.

3 thoughts on “What the heck is a Niche and how do I get one?

    • But then you say… “What if 500 poeple all get the same niche pack?”Well then I say… “So What!”I think that’s the good answer…anyway..thanks for sharing…

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