Why the Google Penguin is your best friend

Penguin Attacks on the rise!

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Google is a world wide brand and has become the most recognizable search engine, but with that title comes great responsibility.  The quality of a particular site is not a reflection of Google, instead the sites returned to you when you search for something is what Google is responsible for.  The recent changes they have implemented is an attempt to provide better service and relevant returns for your search queries.  These are the reasons there has been a shake-up with the status quo when it comes to the old way of doing things.  The crap websites that are nothing more than a push to buy a product without providing the information you search for are now in danger of disappearing and this means your searches will produce something worthwhile.

With this in mind, you need to know that each time you search, each time you spend a few minutes on a website or click through or “X” out immediatly, Google is watching … at least the algorithm that provides those selections is watching your internet browsing.  I have a basic list below but there is a simple way to “beat” the update: provide good content.  Click on the picture below to link to another website that has a simple article about penguin as well. 

Surviving Googles Penguin

I know that sounds scary, but really, if you aren’t doing something wrong then the reasoning behind the activity is done to provide a better selection of products, information, and websites.  If you are at all in the internet business arena then you should have heard what Penguin will do but there is no need to complicate this..so here’s a quick rundown;

1)  Over-optimization of a site will be dinged and your placing within the google pages will go down.  The basic idea is that you don’t want to read an article with the same words over and over just written a different way.  If you have 19 sentences and 15 of them contain the “keyword” then chances are. the quality of the article and the information provided is going to be …crap.

2) Staying Power -basically how your visitors react to the information and products you provide on your website.  If they immediatly click through and exit the site without spending time or checking out other posts or activities on your site then it’s a bad sign.  If this happens consistantly, then google knows your site isn’t providing what people want and is probably…crap. 

3) Hiding the Treasure/Trash – this is something that most people don’t know about if they aren’t into “blackhat” tactics.  Basic internet business means that people want traffic – traffic comes from the search engines if you provide the right keywords…but you can hide those keywords so that it’s only viewable to the googlebots and webcrawlers and doesn’t affect the visitor.  I’m not going to go into hidden whitespace text or size 0 font practices, but it is something that has been targeted by the Penguin updates.  Also, if you’re backlinking to everyone and everything without considering the content of those backlinks then you’re on the road to ruin.  Keep the information fresh and valid or you risk linking your site to junk. If you are doing all these “blackhat/greyhat” actions to get the keywords picked up, it’s been noticed and if you don’t clean it up then google will consider your site…crap.

4) Duplicate Content.  This is one of the most talked about parts of the new Penguin updates.  It seems that google doesn’t mind you sharing your pictures, articles, words, poems, etc…but they want to reward the first person to post it and try to shut down the last of the content farms, reposters, and copy-cat sites…thank goodness.  How many times have you searched for information and found the first page of has links that are all so similar as to be basically the same thing?  Google wants to reward those with original and unique content.  If your site is completely rehashed from swiped articles or linked files, then it provides poor quality to the visitor and thus you it may be considered…crap.

5) Social Relevance.  This may or may not be part of the Penguin but it’s always good to consider what the Social Relevance and Social “footprint” means to your business or blog.  If people share your items then your reach improves, it also tells google that you are providing good content.  This has much to do with the Staying Power of your site.  If no one is interested in what you have to offer, or if you consistantly fall short of providing relevant information then once again you’re in danger of your site being considere….you guessed it….crap.

These are just a few of the ways Google is trying to imporve the quality of information you find on their search engine.  If you consistantly provide good content, images, and product reviews, then you don’t have much to worry about. 

I wanted to link through to an article by James Martell.  He has been working online since 1999 and has shown he has staying power.  Read what he has to say about how Penguin has affected his business and what he does to make sure he stays clear of any possible problems.

I hope this information has helped you understand a little bit about how these new changes are going to affect your future searches.  Feel free to link this article or pictures and dont’ be shy if you want to post a comment.

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  1. Some people are leery about link building nowadays with the release of Google Penguin. That said, the internet is still about links. Links make it possible to share knowledge and allow information to be connected in a meaningful way. Backlinks still matter, and so does SEO. It’s just that now more than ever before that site owners must focus on obtaining more natural, relevant and higher-authority sites.

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